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2018-10-21 As so many times already, Kazunari again provided packages for MacOS. Thanks a lot! (https://www.klayout.de/build.html#downloads)
2018-10-20 A new minor version has been released (Release Notes)
2018-08-30 MacOS packages are available for 0.25.4 thanks to Kazunari who provided these packages again. Thanks a lot! (https://www.klayout.de/build.html#downloads)
2018-08-27 New minor release 0.25.4 is out (Release Notes)
2018-05-26 The forum is back online. Now with attachments, syntax highlighting and much more. (New forum)
2018-05-25 Forum upgrade is in progress - the forum will be up again in a few days (https://www.klayout.de/forum)
2018-05-23 Maintenance for GDPR compliance is required. The forum will be unavailable for several days. (https://www.klayout.de/forum)