KLayout - Your Mask Layout Friend


Fast and accurate viewing of huge layout files


Draw, modify and transform hierarchical layout


Script layout generators, PCells and layout transformation tools


Search, verify, measure layout and code analysis scripts


Recent Events

2024-07-11 0.29.4 DMGs for Mac are available in the downloads section. For a description of the packages see the provided link. Thanks to @kazzz again! (DMG naming convention for 0.29.4 by @kazzz)
2024-07-09 This hot fix version fixes bug #1780 (Downloads)
2024-07-07 New minor release 0.29.3 is available (Release notes)
2024-06-11 I received DMGs for 0.29.2 from @kazzz. Thanks a lot! (Downloads)
2024-06-08 A new maintenance release 0.29.2 is out! (Release notes)
2024-05-06 MacOS DMGs for 0.29.1 are online! Many thanks to @kazzz for providing them as usual! (Downloads)
2024-05-06 Save the date! The Free Silicon Conference (FSiC 2024) is going to happen JUNE 19-21 in Paris (https://wiki.f-si.org/index.php/FSiC2024)
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