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2020-01-10 Kazunari has provided the MacOS packages for 0.26.2 and 0.26.3 version including DMG files for Catalina (10.15). Many thanks for these! Please see the usage notes on the downloads page. (Downloads)
2020-01-06 Another maintenance release is out (Release Notes)
2019-12-21 Maintenance release 0.26.2 with many updates and new features (Release Notes)
2019-11-14 Maintenance release 0.26.1 (Downloads)
2019-09-10 The long-awaited major release 0.26 is out. This is the beginning of a new series. Enjoy! (Release Notes)
2019-07-04 kazzz has provided a new package - thanks at lot! (Downloads)
2019-06-30 Kazunari has provided the MacOS packages. Many thanks to him! There is even a package for macos 10.12 now. (Downloads)